Berman Loyalty Drivers: Celebrating 20+ Years at Berman’s Auto Group

May 15th, 2015 by

Berman's Auto Group

How many people stay at one company for more than 20 years these days? You guessed it, not that many. In fact, recent studies find that we Americans have on average more than 10 employers throughout our careers!

Bucking this trend, more than a few folks here at Berman’s Auto Group have made it their home away from home for at least a generation’s length of time. That type of loyalty reflects well not only on Berman’s as an employer but also on the steadfast character traits of these individual employees. So we wanted to celebrate them and this increasingly rare career achievement.

A true Berman’s lifer, Steve Hara has been with the company for more than 40 years! Steve is Star Nissan’s general sales manager, and in addition to being a longtime employee of Berman’s Auto Group, Steve’s also a longtime fan and booster of the Chicago Blackhawks. The pictures on his office walls make no secret of that!

Clocking in at an incredible 32 years is Bruce Berger, general manager of Star Nissan. Bruce, like any good team leader, would rather the spotlight shine on his players (sales reps and office colleagues) than on himself. So we’ll stop here.

Berman's Auto Group
Bruce Berger

Another 32-year Berman veteran is John Keafer. John’s been plying his skills as a mechanic for all these years at Mid City Nissan. MCN boasts two other mechanics who have been loyal Berman employees for 20 years or more, Octavio Trevino and Al Kacena. Octavio is celebrating 27 years and Al 20 years. Well done, gentlemen, and thank you for your 79 years of combined service!

While Mary Grow may not be visible on the showroom floors at Mid City Nissan or Mid City Subaru, her presence there is nonetheless certainly felt. That’s because as office manager for 28 years she’s been making sure both stores are running as smoothly as a CVT engine.

If you’ve ever wondered who made sure you received your vehicle’s license plates and title registration, wonder no longer. That person is Barb Zerbe. Barb has been Berman’s license and title administrator for 27 years.

Berman's Auto Group
Barb Zerbe

Doron Tidhar is celebrating his 20th anniversary with Berman’s Auto Group this year. Starting out as a salesperson in 1995, Doron has moved up the ranks and has worn many hats within the company. He’s been a sales manager, finance manager, internet manager and a general manager at Mid City Subaru. Doron is currently general sales manager at Infiniti of Merrillville.

Berman's Auto Group
Doron Tidhar

Let’s give three cheers to all these wonderful, dedicated folks. Here’s wishing them many more years with Berman’s Auto Group making customers happy!

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