Getting The Most For Your Trade

How do you get the most amount of money for your trade in? There are a myriad of books and advice written on this subject along with plenty of so called “experts” out there who will tell you any number of of things you should do when negotiating the value of your vehicle. Some of the advice out there is great and some not-so-great.

Kelly Blue Book has recently developed a wonderful tool for consumers looking to get a strong value for their vehicle from a non affiliated third party. It’s called KBB Instant Cash Offer and it has a wonderful feature where if you like the number KBB tells you your car is worth you simply drive to one of their approved buying centers and get the amount they evaluated your car at with no strings attached. Berman Nissan of Chicago is an approved KBB instant cash offer buying center.

Berman Nissan of Chicago is lucky enough to have 3 certified appraisers who have appraised over one hundred thousand cars collectively in the last 25 years! We thought it would be a good idea to go to them and ask if they would share some of the best tips they learned along the way. Here is what they thought would be great help to those folks out there looking to get the very best value for their vehicle:

So to recap, be transparent, get your car detailed, do your research on KBB, NADA, or any other trusted site, and it doesn’t hurt to see what KBB will offer you to insure you have all the information you’ll need to help you in your negotiations insuring you will get “all the money” for your vehicle.

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