Veterans Have What It Takes to Succeed at Berman Auto Group

September 9th, 2015 by

If you’re a military veteran, have you ever thought you might be good at auto sales? The car business is notoriously tough, and the thinking goes that if you were tough enough to handle military service, you’re more than capable of handling auto sales. Intrigued? Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 8, 2015, when you’ll have a great opportunity to learn what the car biz is all about and determine if it’s really for you. Representatives from Berman Auto Group will be on hand at the Chicago All Veterans Job Fair to answer any questions and discuss career options in this potentially lucrative field.

Mike Betancourt

Berman’s has deep respect for veterans and for their service to our country. That’s why they’re enthusiastically hired to work here. For example, when Star Nissan sales representative Mike Betancourt attended a job fair several years ago, representatives from Berman’s approached him to ask if he’d ever thought about selling cars. Mike responded that he hadn’t because he’d been in the Marines for the past eight years. No matter, the Berman reps told him, he was hired on the spot!

Mike has been one of the most successful salespeople at Star, and he credits his success to the discipline and training he received in the Marine Corps.

Another Marine Corps veteran, Joon Choi, has also parlayed his military training into a rewarding career at Berman’s. Joon has been with the company more than 10 years and is presently a new car manager at Star.

Joon Choi

Working in avionics, Joon traveled the world, gaining the skills he would later use as a civilian. And he agrees that serving in the Marines helped him to excel in the auto industry.

“We encounter different people every day in this business and my military time really helped me learn how to communicate with people from all walks of life,” Joon said.

A third Marine Corps veteran is enjoying success at Berman Auto Group as well. That would be Joe Fasanella, currently general manager of Mid City Subaru.

Joe served five years in the Marine Corps Special Forces, where he says he learned how to relate to all types of people and the value of teamwork. According to Joe, once you live the military life, it’s ingrained permanently.

“No doubt, it changes everything,” Joe said. “Before it was about me. But afterwards, I had a new family and we did everything as a unit. The military really teaches you how to work as a group, and you need those skills in civilian life.”

Joe Fasanella

At Berman Auto Group, Mike, Joon and Joe all do a great job demonstrating the values they learned in the military to customers and colleagues alike. Teamwork, a strong work ethic and effective communication skills have enabled them not only to survive, but thrive in an industry which experiences higher than average turnover.

So, perhaps you or someone you know is a veteran and is looking for a job or to change careers…then chat us up at the Chicago All Veterans Job Fair!

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