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Community Involvement

Our entire team at Berman Nissan of Chicago feels that community involvement is essential and we strive to go above and beyond our communities expectations. We’re committed to doing the right thing for our community. Take a look at our calendar to see what we’ve been up to, and what we have coming up. 


The Lincoln Tech Career Fair | 2022

auto group photo

Berman Auto Group sponsored Lincoln Tech’s career fair on January 13th. The event was well attended with students looking to meet different companies and discuss their future. Berman is proud to work with local schools to find skilled service technicians, and help them grow their career with Berman.

Pride in the Park | 2021

pride in the park giveaway

Berman is proud to support our LGBTQ+ community, and is hosting a giveaway for free tickets to Pride In The Park! Pride in the Park is Chicago’s favorite LGBTQ+ event held in Grant Park June 26th & 27th that includes musical performances by Tiesto, Chaka Khan, and Gryffin! To win tickets, applicants must submit a photo of themselves in their best pride outfit and only the most pride-fully dressed will win! The deadline to enter is June 18, 2021, and winners will be announced by June 21, 2021! For more details or to enter the giveaway, head to

Berman Nissan Of Chicago Sponsors Back To School Event! | 2021

back to school

Back to School season is here yet again and Berman Nissan of Chicago supported Avondale Logandale School’s Annual Family Wellness Back to School Fair. Berman made a donation to ensure no child is without the essentials; school supplies and a new backpack. Berman Nissan Of Chicago partnered with Jaime Andrade to make this possible. We are happy to help hundreds of children prepare for the school year!

Berman Nissan of Chicago Back(packs) the Community | 2019

Back to School season is here yet again and Berman Nissan of Chicago supported Avondale Logandale School’s Annual Family Wellness Back to School Fair. We filled over 200 backpacks with supplies, and alongside 8th District Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. and Senator Iris Y. Martinez helped many children prepare for the school year!

Nissan Chicago Supports Avondale Logandale School | 2018

Berman Auto Group's Todd Berman, Elain Swift, and Anthony DeJesus wrapping and delivering present for Avondale-Logandale School

We were proud to team up with Alderman Carlos Rosa of the 35h Ward in passing out gifts for the children of the local Avondale Logandale School. We truly enjoyed the process of shopping around, purchasing and wrapping gifts for the children of Avondale community. The team had a holly jolly time participating in such a great cause, because we know every kid deserves a gift for Christmas!

Berman Nissan of Chicago Supports Back 2 School Bash | 2018

Berman Auto Group's Leah Garcia presenting donation check to Alderman Deb Mell

Berman Nissan of Chicago believes in education! That’s why we continue to help students in our community by supporting Roosevelt High School’s Back 2 School Bash. The Back 2 School Bash, to be held from 10am-1pm on August 18, 2018, is a combined effort with Senator Iris Y. Martinez, 8th District Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr., Alderman Deb Mell, and Representative Jaime Andrade Jr.

Berman Auto Group’s Leah Garcia met with Alderman Deb Mell to present our donation to the Back 2 School Bash. We look forward to this event and more opportunities to help our community!

Berman Nissan of Chicago Car Wash Fundraiser | 2018

Service Manager Anthony DeJesus presents Car Wash Fundraiser check to Carl Von Linne Elementary School

Service Manager Anthony DeJesus presented Carl Von Linne Elementary School with a check for $1705 after our Car Wash Fundraiser at Berman Nissan of Chicago. Carl Von Linne Elementary School has been providing kids in the Avondale neighborhood with a world-class education for over 100 years. The Linne school’s classes facilitate student success despite differences in languages, financial background, race, or learning styles. Here at Berman we are proud to support our local community, and great organizations like Carl Von Linne Elementary school that make a difference in kids’ lives. We would also like to extend a special thank you to everyone who came out and had their car washed for a good cause!

Berman Auto Group Hosts Food Drive | 2017

Berman Auto Group Joins Greater Chicago Food Depository for Food Drive

Berman Auto Group is proud to partner with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to host a food drive starting November 7th and running until December 15th. Berman Auto Group is dedicated to bettering our communities and neighbors at any change we can.

The Greater Chicago Food Depository ensures the supply, delivery and access to healthy food options for all people in need and provides the equivalent of 160,000 meals to men, women, and children every day in Chicago.

Berman Auto Group plans to help by collecting 15,000 meals. Want to help? You can! Visit one of our five dealerships and drop off non-perishable canned or boxed foods. You can also visit the link to our drive to donate online and start making a difference today!

Berman Auto Group New Car Giveaway Winner | 2017

Berman Auto Group New Car Giveaway Winner

Starting April 1st, Berman Auto Group began celebrating its 30th anniversary by kicking off a #30ActsOfKindness in 30 weeks initiative. The campaign was geared toward benefitting our communities, getting closer with our neighbors, and giving back to the very people that helped us reach this milestone. These acts ranged from Free Gas Fridays, planting trees, participating in the Avon 39, and much more!

On November 3rd, at Berman Nissan of Chicago, we completed our 30th #ActOfKindness. After collecting raffle entries and selecting 125 Golden Ticket finalists over the last few months, Berman Auto Group announced the winner of our New Car Giveaway!

Congratulations to our winner Dion Hawkins! Thank you B96 and Gabe for announcing our winner.

Berman Auto Group Helps Struggling US Citizens in Puerto Rico | 2017

Puerto Rico is home to 3.4 million US citizens and is currently suffering a humanitarian crisis following the devastation of Hurricane Maria, the worst storm to hit the island in over a century.

We believe that any time we can help someone, you should! For our 27th #ActOfKindness in our #30ActsOfKindness in 30 weeks initiative, Berman Auto Group has donated to Unicef to help Puerto Rico during this hard time. You can also help, and donate by visiting today.

Berman Nissan of Chicago Crosses Off Their Bucket List | 2017

IOCC Clean-Up Bucket Kit Checklist

Berman Nissan of Chicago is proud to support the International Orthodox Christian Charities efforts to provide emergency supplies to people in need around the world. During the most recent meteorological events, we decided to take action and give back to those in need. IOCC emergency kits are small packages of essential supplies.

For this week’s 26th #ActOfKindness in our #30ActsOfKindness initiative Berman Nissan of Chicago will be donating supplies listed in IOCC’s Clean-Up Bucket Kit checklist. IOCC is accepting donations at St. George Collections until October 15th. We encourage everyone to donate to make a difference today.

Berman Auto Group Stands Against Hunger following Hurricane Harvey | 2017

Houston Food Bank

Hurricane Harvey has been a source of both sadness and inspiration for Berman Auto Group. We’re pained to see the devastation and displacement left behind by the storm, yet we’re also moved by the magnitude of humanitarian works and the enduring spirit of the citizens of Houston and the surrounding area. Our thoughts & prayers are with Houston community!

For our 23rd #ActOfKindness in our #30ActsOfKindness in 30 weeks initiative, Berman Auto Groups has made a monetary donation to the Houston Food Bank. The Houston Food Bank is the largest food bank serving Houston. Please donate today to help make a difference:

Berman Nissan of Chicago has Community Involvement in the Bag | 2017

Berman Nissan of Chicago delivers backpacks to Roosevelt High School's Back to School Fair

Berman Nissan of Chicago believes in education! That’s why we stepped up to help even more students in our community by packing another busload of backpacks at Roosevelt High School’s Back to School Fair. This was Berman Auto Group’s 22nd #ActOfKindness in our #30ActsOfKindness in 30 weeks initiative, and we’re still going strong!

We were in good company at the Back to School Fair with 8th District Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr, Alderman Deb Mell, and Representative Jaime Andrede Jr.  There were several other vendors offering free services; such as dental and optical exams, identification services, and physicals.

Berman Nissan of Chicago Back(pack)s the Community! | 2017

Back to school season is here again and Berman Nissan of Chicago supported Avondale-Logandale Elementary as its 20th #ActOfKindness in its #30ActsOfKindness initiative. We filled over 200 backpacks with supplies, and alongside 8th District Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr., Senator Iris Y. Martinez, Representative Jaime Androde Jr., and Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, helped many children prepare for the school year.

Berman Auto Group Supports Joey’s Journey | 2017

Recently, Berman Auto Group learned about a young boy named Joey and his journey battling Diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG). DIPG is a brain tumor found in a part of the brain stem called the pons. The pons controls essential bodily functions such as heartbeat, breathing, swallowing, eye movement, eyesight, and balance. DIPG affects children almost exclusively. Approximately 200-400 children in the United States are diagnosed with DIPG each year.

After learning about Joey’s Journey, we were inspired to donate $500 toward his fundraiser, which can be found on GoFundMe. If you would like to help Joey, please visit to help today! He has a long way to go, and with your help, he gets closer to reaching his goal.

Dodgeball Parody Video | 2017

If you can dodge a wrench, you can…buy a car? Car-buying doesn’t have to be painful, in fact, it can be fun!

Our Berman Auto Group team is at it again! This time, in a funny The Stiller Foundation, showcase all the good works the foundation supports, and to give you all a good laugh. Throughout the parody we showed what it feels like shopping at “other car dealerships”, versus the experience you receive when you buy with Berman Auto Group!

We hired actors from The Second City Training Center, and coaxed some of Berman’s General Managers into making clever cameos in this scripted parody. Click here to watch the quippy short film and feel free to share it with your friends!

Berman Auto Group Proud to support Pride | 2017

On Sunday, June 26th, Berman Auto Group partnered with B96, took part in the 48th Annual Chicago Pride Parade. We brought out the Berman Bus and pulled the B96 Love is Love float in the parade. Berman Auto Group values diversity and equality and is proud to show our support for the Chicago Pride Parade. More than 250,000 people were expected to line the 4-mile route.

Berman Auto Group helps Bring Some Disney Magic to Hermosa | 2017

Berman Auto Group supports Creative Days at the Walt Disney Birthplace

Did you know that Walt Disney was born in Chicago? On Saturday, June 24th, Berman Auto Group donated $1,500 to support Creative Days at The Walt Disney Birthplace. If you’re not familiar with them, The Walt Disney Birthplace has been working to restore the modest family home to its original, authentic state, with the dream of becoming a portal to new approaches in early childhood development and helps to inspire future Walts and Roys. Every year, they host a free community creativity event for the entire neighborhood.

Berman Nissan of Chicago Sponsors Portage Park Baseball Association | 2017

Berman Nissan of Chicago Sponsors Portage Park Baseball Association

Berman Nissan of Chicago loves to help its community, which is why we’re excited to unveil our latest #ActofKindness in our #30ActsOfKindness in 30 Weeks Initiative. Berman Nissan of Chicago donated $1,000 to the Portage Park Baseball Association, to support their teams, education, equipment, and operation.

The Portage Park Baseball Association is a not-for-profit organization that provides baseball instruction opportunities to over 500 area youths from ages 4-17. Berman Nissan of Chicago’s Owner Loyalty Manager Blake met with the league, and on behalf of the company donated over 400 bottles of water and pizza to enjoy on a beautiful summer day.

Berman Auto Group Delivers Books to the Community | 2017

Throughout April and May, Berman Auto Group participated in a joint Children’s Book Drive, in association with the Peterson & Pulaski Business & Industrial Council, 39th Ward Alderman Margaret Laurino, and the Pulaski Elston Business Association. On Friday, June 9th, 2017, Berman Auto Group met with Alderman Laurino to collect and deliver all the books received during our drive. Together, we collected hundreds of new and gently used books to deliver to schools with children who might not otherwise have access to reading material beyond their textbooks.

Berman Auto Group Walks the Avon 39 | 2017

Berman Auto Group Walks the Avon 39

Berman Auto Group rounded out week 10 of our #30ActsOfKindness in 30 weeks initiative by participating in the Avon 39, a 39 mile walk to raise funds and battle breast cancer. Walkers register as teams and make a fundraising commitment before beginning their 39 mile journey.

This year, Berman Auto Group employees/walkers Elaine Kostopoulos, Leah Garcia, Sonia Schmidt, and Matthew Swift helped raise $15,808 to help end breast cancer! This, combined with the more than 1,450 participants and 241 breast cancer survivors, raised a staggering $3.1 million dollars, showing the #PowerOf39!

Berman Nissan of Chicago Supports Red Nose Day | 2017

Berman Nissan of Chicago Supports Red Nose Day

Berman Nissan of Chicago showed its support for #RedNoseDay to end child poverty! You can learn more about Red Nose Day at

Berman Nissan of Chicago sponsors Maine South Color Run | 2017

Berman Nissan of Chicago sponsors Maine South Color Run

For our 3rd Act Of Kindness, Berman Nissan of Chicago is proud to be a sponsor for the 3rd Annual Park Ridge Youth Commission & Maine South National Honor Society Color Run! The Color Run is the National Honor Society’s contribution to the Maine South‘s annual School-wide Fundraiser, which brings together the efforts of the entire Maine South community to support a charity selected by the student body.

Dirty Car Contest Winner | 2017

Winner of Berman Nissan of Chicago's Dirty Car Contest, Joe Moore

For our second Act of Kindness in our 30 Acts of Kindness in 30 Weeks Initiative, Berman Nissan of Chicago held a #DirtyCar contest that allowed customers to send in photos of their dirty car for a chance to win a free detail. Congratulations to Joe Moore on his freshly detailed #DirtyCar! His wife, Keynice Moore sent us a photo of his 2014 Nissan Sentra and won. Now his Sentra is shining like new!

Berman Auto Group officially kicks off 30 Acts of Kindness! | 2017

Berman Nissan of Chicago gives out free Bulls tickets!

Berman Auto Group launches our 30 acts of kindness for the next 30 weeks initiative starting today, April 1, 1017. Berman Auto group is celebrating it’s 30th Anniversary this year and have committed to engaging in #30ActsOfKindness for the next 30 weeks.

To launch the first week and act of kindness, we wanted to show our appreciation for those who have trusted us with their beloved cars, Berman Nissan of Chicago gave out a pair of Chicago Bulls tickets to some of our most loyal customers for today’s game!

One of our customers, Norma found another customer’s iPhone that was lost and returned into our management team. We felt one good act deserved another!

Santa Visits Berman Nissan of Chicago | 2016

Santa Visits Berman Nissan Chicago

Kris Kringle took a break from his workshop to visit some special children from his nice list at Berman Nissan of Chicago. He parked his reindeer on the roof & filled the Christmas tree with presents! Many families came to see him and he was happy to see every single one of them! A lot of hard work went into making this happen. Several trips to Toys R Us, Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. finding families & children to meet Santa, getting involved with Lydia Home to get more kids involved, and much more. A very special thank you to the many people & organizations who helped!

Berman Nissan of Chicago Meets the Community! | 2016

Berman Nissan of Chicago passed out 25 fruit baskets to the community last Friday. George Katsikas VP, Anthony DeJesus, Service Manager, and Leah Garcia Global Ecommerce Director pounded the pavement to share some holiday cheer and introduce themselves to the community.

Michael Berman wanted to go above and beyond to thank our new neighbors as we begin a long lasting relationship with the community. Several community members were shocked by the hospitality, but will soon realize the type of organization Berman Auto Group truly is.

Halloween Costume Contest Winner | 2016

Berman Nissan of Chicago hosted a $100 costume contest as part of our Fall Family Fun event for everyone to participate from FaceBook and Twitter. We had many amazing entries, but our winner was Alex Wolf, with her Tootsie Roll Pop Owl Costume. Special thanks to Fantasy Costumes for helping us to promote both the event and the Costume Contest

Fall Family Fun | 2016

Berman Nissan of Chicago invited the community to our new facility for free pumpkins and fall fun for the whole family! Kids were able to visit our petting zoo, choose Halloween costumes, and meet some of their favorite characters, while decorating pumpkins, getting their faces painted, and spending time with their families. Berman Nissan of Chicago gave away almost a thousand pumpkins over the weekend. Thank you to everyone that came to spend some time with us and a special thank you to Commission Luis Arroyo Jr and Fantasy Costumes for helping us put it together!

1st Annual Rescue & Adoption On the Boulevard | 2016

pet adoption

Mid City Nissan came out to support Luis Arroyo Jr.’s 1st Annual Rescue & Adoption on the Boulevardn at Logan Square. We supplied leashes and specially made disposal bag dispensers. The event was a huge success as many people came out to meet friendly, adoptable dogs, but many brought their own pets to take advantage of the training classes, grooming, and vets on hand. Special thanks to Alderman Carlos Ramirez-Rosa and Alderman Scott Waguespack. For more information on adopting a pet, please visit or

“Burning Questions” Trivia Night Supporting Firefighter Mental Health | 2016

Mid City Nissan came out in support of Firefighter Mental Health for Southside FOOLS trivia night at Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill. The trivia featured questions covering Chicago references in pop culture and firefighter movies. The event was a success, raising over $2,300, and had special guest Chicago Fire’s David Eigenberg.

Mid City Nissan Donates Backpacks & School Supplies | 2016

In the video, Jesus Rodriguez our general manager and Tony Nomellini our used car manager are passing out backpacks at Avondale Logandale School. The 1st Backed By Berman Backpack Event was a huge success, as we handed out 300 packs as well as school supplies. It’s a clear example of “Backed By Berman” in action, reaching out to our community in a meaningful way.

State Senator Iris Y. Martinez & George Katsikas | 2016

Mid City Nissan’s Vice President George Katsikas holds a Backed By Berman backpack with Illinois State Senator Iris Y. Martinez. Other local politicians who joined us at Avondale Logandale School on August 12, 2016 were Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. and Alderman Carlos Ramirez Rosa Jr. Check out our Facebook page for more photos.

Luis Arroyo Jr. with George Katsikas & Tony Nomellini | 2016

Mid City Nissan’s Vice President George Katsikas and Used Car Manager Tony Nomellini hold backpacks with Illinois Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr after handing out backpacks at our second backpack event.

Backpack & School Supply Donation at Our Lady of Mercy | 2016

Our 2nd Backed By Berman Backpack Event was another huge success! We again handed out 300 backpacks filled with school supplies to the kids of Our Lady of Mercy. We really appreciate 33rd Ward Alderman Deborah Mell and Cook County Commissioner Luis Arroyo Jr. for making events like this possible in our community. Our Berman volunteers and Sox mascot Southpaw deserve a big round of thanks as well. We couldn’t have done it without them!

Mid City Nissan Donates New Car & Money to Robbery Victim | 2016

Erika is a customer of ours who had a bad stroke of luck. We saw the story and our staff went into action. Mid City Nissan donated a car and gave her a check for the money she was robbed of. Backed by Berman steps up to the plate to help out a person needing a little sunshine.
Our staff happily poses with Erika as she received her check and keys to her new car. We’re very proud of everyone involved. It was a great ending to an awful beginning.

Uber Raffle | 2016

Mid City Nissan hosted an Uber raffle on January 6, 2016 for about 20 drivers who referred the most people to the Uber driver program. Three lucky drivers won $500 to $1,000 in cash, while the grand prize winner drove home a new 2015 Nissan Rogue! The remaining drivers walked away with a cool $100 check. The woman who won the Rogue became quite emotional, in a happy way of course, as you can see!

Gay Pride Parade | 2015

Berman Auto Group employees were proud participants in the 46th Annual Pride Parade on Sunday, June 28, 2015 in Chicago. We built a huge float that was also accompanied by a rainbow-wrapped Subaru Forester sponsored by Mid City Subaru. A great, colorful time was had by all!

Toys For Tots | 2014

We’re truly humbled each holiday season by the amazing generosity of our customers who donate gifts for needy children. Toys for Tots is a wonderful organization that we’ve been partnering with for years.

Berman Funds EV Charging Station at Wilbur Wright College | 2012

Nissan North America, Inc. donated a Level 2 charging station to Wilbur Wright College in Northwest Chicago, with installation fully funded by the Berman Auto Group. In honor of the donation, Wright College hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony on Monday, July 9, 2012.

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